Home Inspection

Well we did the home inspection on *hopefully our* *hopefully new* house today. I am loathe to say it’s “ours” because right now, no one at the third-party bank has said “In nomine patris et filii et spiritu sanctu go forth and prosper the house is yours.” They said, “Why don’t you go ahead and do the inspection and the purchase and sale contract? It might make us make our decision faster.” How hard is it to say “yes,” people??!?

Anyway, the inspection took a loooong time but was sooooooooo worth it. The house is older, but in good condition, just two things that need to be addressed posthaste. And one of them, surprise surprise, is the furnace. If we can get it tuned before each winter, we might get a couple more years out of it. It has already outlived itself at this point so all we can do is be nice to it and cross our fingers.

We didn’t get to sign the P&S yet because the bank has a form they require and they didn’t feel like faxing it in a timely fashion, which pretty much characterizes their attitude over the last 4 months. But we gave our 2 months’ notice to the rental office today, so we’ll be out of the apartment on December 23 regardless of this house! Happy Christmas to us! Geez!

On a positive note, the house was bigger than I remembered it. That made us both feel a little better. There isn’t more storage space than we remembered, but the attic is in excellent condition and there is plenty of room up there for Christmas decorations and bins of off-season clothing, and the basement is watertight.

The next two months are going to be very busy for us but we’ll be able to start the New Year, even celebrate Christmas (*hopefully*) in *our* *new* home.


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