Things I Will Not Miss About Renting

Things I Will Not Miss About Renting

1. Not having anything to show for the amount of money we’re pouring in to an apartment lease. Can you believe that it will actually be cheaper to buy the house? Including taxes and insurance, the monthly mortgage payment is less than our monthly rent. It boggles the mind. And we’ll have something of our own to show for it, something our money is going toward.

2. Not having neighbors. I know we’ll have neighbors in the new neighborhood, but at least their house won’t be attached to mine. I want to keep them as far away as possible. Right now I feel like I’m living in a sophisticated rat cage, and I really don’t like sharing walls with aspiring candlepin bowlers (it’s the only explanation I’ve come up with for the sounds that come from the apartment above us) or death metal DJs (which is the only explanation I’ve come up with for the blasting music that was emitting from further down the hallway at 8:30 AM last Thanksgiving).

3. The rental office. The people there are incredibly kind and well-meaning, I’m sure, but it’s so difficult to deal with them because behind them is a huge, nation-wide rental company that really doesn’t give two pence for the individual residents in their communities. All they care about is the money and the rules. We give them our money and we follow their rules. And they forbear from throwing us out in the street. At least in our own house, we might be giving our money to the bank, but inside the house the rules are completely ours. A dog? A cat? 2 dogs? Painting the bedroom green? None of that matters to the bank. And no more surprise maintenance inspections!

4. I will be very happy when the closest grocery store is the larger one with the better selection and slightly lower prices, instead of the one with the okay prices and the less-than-stellar selection. Right now I have to drive all the way across town to get to the larger, nicer store, and the okay store is right at the bottom of the hill I live on. So it is convenient for random gallons of milk, loaves of bread, and emergency shopping trips, but I prefer to do my weekly shopping at the larger store. I also save $.05 for every reusable bag I bring to the larger store, and being environmentally friendly at the now-nearer store brings me no additional benefit.

5. I will miss the local Chinese and pizza places I’ve learned backward and forward since moving to this area of town. I’m not sure what mom-and-pop pizza/sub/roast beef places or really good Chinese take-aways are out there in the new ‘hood. Will need to cruise around a little or see what flyers pop up shortly after move-in.

6. I can have a puppy, and it won’t cost us an extra $75 a month on top of normal puppycare expenses.

7. I won’t miss having to fight a floor full of strangers for the single washer and dryer on our floor. If those machines are taken, we are of course welcome to journey to other floors and use their machines, but that just makes the people on that floor venture to yet another floor to do their laundry. And I don’t know whose clothes I’m sharing the washer with — eeeewww. Can’t wait for a machine all my own that’s always available when I want or need it.


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