Forward Progress!

We signed the sales contract last week! It took a couple of days but the seller also signed it, so we have jumped that hurdle and are getting our eyes set on the next ones: getting bank financing, getting home insurance, and closing.

1. Getting financing. We got a call from our bank Friday morning to lock in an interest rate — that was actually how we knew that they had gotten the sales contract paperwork. We were approved providing we are able to furnish all the right papers, so we are waiting for the bank’s FedEx package of paperwork and instructions.

2. Getting home insurance. My wonderful, fabulous, gorgeous bank, which caters to military members and their families and has always impressed me so much with their excellent customer service, won’t insure our beautiful bayside home. Not because of proximity to the water, per se, but because of potential wind damage off the water. I knew they had a reputation for skittishness in this department and have been listening for a year now to people’s complaints across the country: this bank will not insure where wind is a threat. When storms come in off the Atlantic, the winds can get pretty high, even though we are set deep in a bay and the house is on the second street back from the coast (there is a line of houses between us and the unfettered wind). But I got four or five quotes from local companies, so all is not lost.

3. Closing. Right now, our tentative date is November 25! I would give almost anything to close just one day earlier so we can still go to Grandma A’s for Thanksgiving like we’ve been planning.

Packing has already begun and the apartment feels slightly jumbled around, but with a purpose. Most of the books are packed, except for a few I want to have handy without being anxious to unpack all my book boxes in the new house. I also have a list of library titles to lean on if unpacking takes longer.


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