Oh! My! Gosh!

This is the most beautiful beginning-of-November I think I have ever seen. It is warm, there is perfect humidity, and an occasional breeze stirs up the scents of autumn. Sunday was so beautiful, in fact, that we considered taking a late-season motorcycle ride through the nearby Blue Hills (mmm, curves). Imagine our surprise, yea, even indignity, when we got out to the motorcycle and THE LICENSE PLATE WAS MISSING. Someone had stolen the license plate off the motorcycle! Jim hasn’t been riding much because of inclement, bad weather, but we park our cars next to the motorcycle every day and one or the other of us would have noticed right away, I think, if the plate had gone missing earlier. Friday night we went to UMass with Meghan to see a play; granted it was dark out when we left and came back, but I remember the plate flashing in the headlights. Saturday we went to Whole Foods and the grocery store, and didn’t park next to the bike when we got back. Therefore we didn’t see the bike Sunday morning either, when we went to run some errands. It was when we got back from errands and parked next to the bike again that I saw the plate was missing. So it happened either Friday night or Saturday night. Of course, Jim called the QPD to report it, and they sent out an officer to take the report. While Jim was outside doing that, I was inside checking the police department’s web page and the weekly “hot spots” blotter. No reports of other license plates being stolen, but a week ago down the hill an entire motorcycle was stolen.

We literally just got the paperwork from the RMV to reregister the bike for 2010, but hadn’t sent it back yet (we’re waiting til we move and can change our address and reregister the bike simultaneously, instead of reregistering and then changing the address on the registration a week later). So the plate still has the “09” sticker that expires 12/31, the same date all motorcycle registrations in the state expire. So if whoever stole the plate is using it, they’ve got to replace it again in less than 2 months.

There’s one other motorcycle in the building’s lot, and it still has its plate. We figure that because it doesn’t have a state inspection sticker, it was spared; whoever did the stealing was smart enough to look for a plate with an inspection sticker, instead of just taking the nearest bike.

I don’t feel victimized, which I guess is a good thing; instead, I feel like I am surrounded by morons. Why didn’t they take a plate that had already been reregistered? They’d have a year of scot-free riding, instead of only two months! It makes no sense and even the officer was stumped.


Hafta call the RMV now…



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2 responses to “Oh! My! Gosh!

  1. Meghan

    I agree with this tag!!! Omg – wtf???

    Also – after my car wreck and dealing with all that hideous paperwork, my heart hurts for you!!! Lol. I HATE the rmv….

    • jimandrachel

      The RMV is not so awful to Jim, for some reason. When he discovered his license was 4 months expired, he just called them and they took care of it. Normal people would be hours waiting in line, he just spent a few minutes on hold.

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