The move

We’re out of the apartment, and it took a small army of friends and a UHaul truck but we got everything moved. The motorcycle was in limbo for a little bit, because we couldn’t get it started — the clutch was literally frozen in place. Two days after I turned in our apartment keys, the bike was still sitting in the apartment building’s parking lot, but finally the weather got above freezing and we could pop the battery back in and get the bike out to the house. It is currently wrapped in its new heavy-duty cover and tucked behind the fence outside the laundry room window.

A week after we closed on the house I, in all my klutzy glory, tripped going down the stairs, slipped down a few steps, and ripped back the nail on the big toe of my left foot. There was just a little bit of blood but I was very close to passing out. Jim got me to my doctor’s office right as they opened and a nurse practitioner undid the multiple layers of gauze and tape he had applied, gave us a supply of bandaids and bacitracin, and gave me a referral to the podiatrist. We limped back out to the podiatrist later the same day, and his professional opinion was that he could remove it, or let nature take its course. I started feeling lightheaded again so after they got me a cool damp cloth and a sip of water, we decided to let Mother Nature do what Mother Nature does best. If I were going to lose the nail, I’d lose it in a week or so. This Wednesday will be a month since I tripped, and the nail is stubbornly staying on. It looks like I won’t lose it after all. But it hurts like you-all-know-what. And it will probably hurt this badly until it is completely grown out, so, like, 6 months. Gaah.

So now the stairs come with a dual warning: If you are taller than me, watch your head on the way up and down. If you are klutzy like me, be very careful and watch your step on the way down.

We’re still unpacking. I am being very slow and deliberate about it, but it is coming along nicely. It seems like with every box I unpack the house seems larger, which I don’t understand. Jim says it’s because we’re clearing boxes out, but the contents of all those boxes are being redistributed throughout the house. So I’m not sure what’s going on. We probably won’t have an official housewarming until the spring, when every box is unpacked and all pictures hung where I want them.

We’re also recovering from a battle of wills with our heater, which is probably older than me. The pilot light went out on the coldest night of the year and wouldn’t relight, so we bundled in cold-weather camping gear to keep from freezing in our sleep. It took two more visits from the furnace company before the furnace actually behaved itself, and it hasn’t given us any trouble since New Year’s Eve. Here’s hoping, because I don’t want to replace it right now.

The winter progresses and we’re settling in.


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