5 Minute Dog Toy Review: The Fire Hose Dog Toy

Have you seen these? A short, maybe 8 or 9 inch length of fire hose material, crimped and double-seamed at each end, filled with some sort of stuffing material. The saleswoman at the UnLeashed by PetCo store recommended it for Amy because her mom’s/sister’s/cousin’s/friend’s corgi puppy hadn’t managed to do any damage to it in a couple of months, and puppies are determined — DETERMINED — chewers. So we decided to try it, promising that at the first sign of wear, we’d confiscate it and throw it out, since there were inaccessible-to-humans squeakers inside and Amy can’t have those.

We sat with her on the living room floor while she explored her exciting new toy. First she rolled it along the floor, because it rolls satisfactorily. Then she tried giving it — I kid you not — CPR in order to get it to make a squeak. Have you seen a corgi try to resuscitate a toy by jumping up and down on it with her front paws? Hilarity. Once she got the idea that this thing could be chewed, do you care to know how long it lasted before she opened a puncture wound in it, and we had to take it away?

Less than a minute. 47 seconds, tops.

I feel compelled to return to the store and try to find the saleswoman just so I can show her what a REAL corgi can do. Clearly, her puppy corgi has some catching up to do.


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