A Pictoral Tour of Amy

Amy is so cute as a package, but to really appreciate some of her cuter points, an in-depth pictoral tour is necessary.

This is the top of Amy’s head. The thin white mark on the top of her head is called an “angel’s kiss.” In horses or other dog breeds, this would be called a “blaze.” In corgis, it is an angel’s kiss. Some dogs have big white targets on their heads; some, like Amy, just have a stripe.

It’s a little hard to tell in a photo, but right at the base of her neck is a rougher, somewhat curly area of fur (below her white ruff). This is the front part of what is called a “fairy saddle.” Welsh legend has it that the corgi is a creature from the Land of Fey, and corgwyn pull the Queen of Faerie’s carriage and provide mounts for fairy knights. Along the neck and withers of every corgi since have been the marks of the saddle and reins.

This is Amy’s bottom half, also known as “The Other Corgi.” You can see the curly, rough spot just above the base of her tail (yes, she has one) that makes up the other half of the “fairy saddle,” where the saddle came to a finish.

These are Amy’s pantaloons. No explanation needed!

“Mommy…Did you just put my pantaloons on the internet?”

Yes Amy, yes I did.


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One response to “A Pictoral Tour of Amy

  1. Corgi pants!!!! Love it 🙂

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