I’m not feeling very creative today, so that’s the blog title you’re getting. Like it or lump it.

Yesterday was a nice day, but around 4:30 or so it turned suddenly dark and windy, and I knew the wind storm they’d predicted for us was on the way, so I hurried Amy through her dinner (although you never have to convince her to eat faster, the little Hoover) and got her out on her dinnertime walk before it got nasty and rainy. I shouldn’t have rushed, because it didn’t get nasty and rainy until much later in the evening. But I liked taking her on the long walk around the marshes while it was deliciously windy, not annoyingly windy.

We’ve decided to stop taking Amy to the weekly obedience classes. At first they did exactly what we wanted them to do, which was give us a time and place where we could learn how to talk to Amy and bond with her, and the other way around. But after a few weeks, we found that the bonding was going great and we were all learning to communicate with each, and class became Amy’s Naptime. Truly, she was bored off her nub. And I noticed that she seemed happier and more engaged just playing around the house with us, playing tug with Jim and her dragon or skinny fox, or learning to play fetch (she’s getting the hang of bringing the ball BACK now), and that trips to the local dog park where she could explore off-leash but still be with us were better for socializing than sitting in a box in the pet supply store staring at a couple other dogs. So we’re going to plan things to DO, invest in a few more interactive puzzle-type toys, and focus on having fun with our girl. This Sunday, for example, there’s a corgi meet-up in southern New Hampshire. I know this is an hour away, but it’s worth it. Amy makes a beeline toward any other corgi she meets. I don’t think other dogs understand the way she likes to play. Herding is fun. If I am herding you, I am having fun.

The wind was bad enough last night that the flag pole came right off the front of the house. I was laying in bed around midnight saying to myself, I should go get the flag down in case it’s too windy, and I really should have listened to myself. Note to self, bring flag in when there’s a high wind advisory. Live and learn. Truly, I think there’s more consistent damage after last night’s wind than there was with Hurricane/Tropical Storm Earl. I didn’t see any downed branches, but there were plenty of blown leaves and snapped flower stems and overturned porch flower pots. I thought for an hour or so we were going to have sunshine this morning, but now the clouds and wind are back.

Amy’s getting much better about meeting other dogs on walks. She’s gone, in just the last week, from uncontrollable flipping out to one or two barks and then she comes and sits by me when I call her name. The barks are more, “Hi! I want to meet you!” and less “I’M GOING TO GET YOU RAR RAR RAR!” She’s learning. I love that she is learning. I love watching her learn how to be a good house pet.

I had a book funk earlier this week but I went to the library and got it under control, so now I am going to take Amy and a sweater and a fresh cup of coffee out to the front porch and read Corduroy Mansions.


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