100 Books A Year

I decided this year that I was going to read 100 books in 2010. There is a group on GoodReads.com where you can participate in this self-directed challenge and keep track of all the books you read (and in what order — I find this fascinating). I participated in the “50 Books A Year” challenge last year, and hit 90 books — without reading a single book during the month of November, which was eaten alive by the arduous process of buying our first house. So 100 seemed completely do-able. It’s about one book every 3.65 days, right?

It’s near the beginning of October, which means there are about 3 more months of reading time in which to meet my 100-book goal. I just logged my 67th completed book last night, so I think I’m on track. But I want to lay out the math.

100 books in 12 months = 8.33 books/month
3 months remaining in 2010, give or take a week: 3 x 8.33 = 24.99 (let’s say 25)
I just finished my 67th book, which means I have 33 books to go.

I’m about 8 books, or one month’s worth of reading, behind the optimal schedule.

On the other hand, if I wind up 8 books short of my goal this year, that’s still 2 more books than I read last year…


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