Happy Columbus Day

…by which I really mean, Happy Anniversary to Us. It just so happens that our anniversary falls on Columbus Day this year. It is also the Canadian day of Thanksgiving, if we happened to have been Canadian.

Other years when our anniversary date falls on Columbus Day:
2004 (before we even met)
2010 (this one; our 2nd)
2021 (an 11-year gap!)
2049 (another 11-year gap!)

A year ago…
We went to Ocean City, Maryland for our first anniversary. We visited Cape Henlopen in Delaware. We had dinner at a teppanyaki restaurant. I had salmon and rice; Jim got a fruity drink in a Maneki Neko-shaped glass, which currently sits on the laundry room windowsill and holds his boutonniere from our wedding (the cat’s right paw is raised; what does that mean? wealth and good fortune will come our way?). We went to the island of Assateague and saw the wild ponies. There was a hot rod convention in OC, which means that well in to the night we could hear the hot rods roaring up and down the main drag. We walked to a walk-up crab cake restaurant. We said hello to lots of greyhounds, who were in town (in Delaware) for a greyhound convention. We were trying to buy a house. Supposedly, the seller’s bank was going to make a decision on our offer that weekend. They didn’t. We sat in a beachfront pizza parlor and ate pizza and drank Yuengling.

This year…
The second anniversary gift is supposed to be cotton, so I got Jim the biggest, fluffiest Turkish terrycloth monogrammed bathrobe. Now he can stop complaining that I usurped his old, worn, blue robe. He snuck off to the jeweler from whom we bought our wedding rings and had his (replacement) wedding band re-engraved with the Latin wedding vow and our wedding date. We went to dinner at the restaurant where we had held our rehearsal dinner: seared crab cakes, bacon wrapped pork, prosciutto wrapped cod, and a warm cookie plate. And a big bottle of Riesling from Alsace.

Ubi Gaius, ibi Gaia.


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