The Wolf in the Parlor, Part 1

The Wolf in the Parlor: The Eternal Connection between Humans and DogsThe Wolf in the Parlor: The Eternal Connection between Humans and Dogs by Jon Franklin

I am still reading this book, so I can’t give it a whole over-arching review yet, but I do want to jot down a few of my impressions and likes.

At first I thought Franklin was just taking ages to get to his premise, then I started to realize and appreciate that his premise is in the groundwork that he lays, the seemingly random paths he leads us down in stories about his relationship with the family poodle, Charlie.

He makes an extremely keen, valid point that Dog is so omnipresent in the life of Human, and yet we know nothing, just nothing, about HOW and WHY. And that boggles me beyond all sense. Homo sapiens and Canis familiaris are practically one entity, but WHY did Wolf come in from the cold to sit by Man’s fire? What did Man give Wolf in return for Wolf’s hunting and protection? Why did Wolf need Man, lie down and become Dog? And how? Not just evolutionarily, the physical changes are easy enough to comprehend, but what changes did both species undergo psychologically? We none of us can answer this, and I’m just sitting here completely bowled over by the heart-aching reality of it. I have very high hopes for the rest of the book and Franklin’s conclusion.

Reading this with my very own wolf cuddling for warmth and sleeping on my feet makes it especially poignant.

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