It’s November

Today is November 1st, a Monday.

It is the day after Halloween, so I had to dodge a little bit of detritus from last night’s festivities. It wasn’t too bad, just one street corner seems to have been the target of eggers. I was expecting minefields of dropped candy to navigate with my ever-hungry, ever-inquisitive corgi in tow, but I didn’t see so much as a stray M&M.

Because it is a Monday, it is trash and recycling day. This means being a little bit more strategic on the morning walk, and sometimes deciding to walk right down the middle of the street than dodge/keep our noses out of/go around trash bags and recycling bins.

The trees seem to know it is November. I thought that yesterday most of the trees had leaves on them, but this morning most of the trees are bare and scraggly. I’m not sure how that happened, since it wasn’t too windy last night. I did wake up in the wee hours thinking I had heard Amy scratching at her crate, and Jim heard it too, but because we heard no further scratching, fussing, or barking, we assumed it had been something else. Maybe it was leaves scrabbling by in the wind.

(Every now and then we hear a scratch or thump in the night, and we both wake up wondering if Amy has pulled her Houndini act again. So we wait a few moments for further noise then softly call her name; if she were loose, there’s no doubt she’d come flying into the bed with us at the merest hint of an invitation.)


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