Amy Turns 4!

Today is Amy’s 4th birthday, so I thought it would be a good day to reflect on the last three months, the things I have learned about Amy, and the place she is making for herself in the family.

Amy was born the day after Election Day, 2006. I don’t think her birthday will ever fall ON Election Day, because Election Day is the first Tuesday, and since her birthday is on the 8th, there’s no way her birthday would ever be the first Tuesday.

Her kennel name is “Circus Circus,” and for her “call name” she was named after Senator Amy Klobuchar, D-MN. I guess the entire litter was named after politicians. We could have changed her name when we got her, but we didn’t see the point in giving her a new name when she was already going to have a new home and family to be getting along with too. And since we’d been originally waiting to meet her spring litter, we knew her as Amy well before we thought we’d be adopting her.

Amy loves dandylions. And by loves, I mean LOVES dandylions. She will stop every 6 to 8 inches along our walk and scarf down dandylions. She likes closed ones, big fresh yellow ones, and old, poofy ones. She really likes them when their stems get bright, strawberry red, too. And she makes this sound when she is searching for them and we are trying to get her to move along, which sounds exactly like a little piggie hunting truffles. Snort snort snuffle! Which means, “Wait a sec, I’m looking for dandylions!”

She is sooooo excited when Jim gets home from work. It’s like he’s been gone for days, not just 8 hours.

She is a true gourmande; she likes all sorts of food. Including, but most likely not limited to:

  • buffalo chicken
  • sauerkraut
  • ham
  • bananas
  • cheese & crackers
  • chips & salsa
  • champagne
  • carrots
  • but not green beans
  • peanut butter
  • cottage cheese
  • bacon

She loves anything that makes a crinkling sound, because it probably means food, and food usually means Amy. This includes the resealable plastic bag that holds the dishwasher tablets. We actually handed her the bag to sniff as a way of convincing her that not all crinkle sounds mean Food For Amy. Sometimes my dinner plate looks like it has grown ears, because Amy is underneath the edge of it trying to convince my dinner to fall on the floor where she can get it.

Hello, leek pie.

Squirrels are for chasing. Cats are for sniffing at interestedly, or ignoring wholesale.

Ripping cardboard to shreds is a wonderful pastime. The breeder puts cardboard tubes in the puppy pens when they’re teething, so we like to think that Amy is bouncing waist high in the air for your empty paper towel tube because it reminds her, somewhere in her doggie brain, of puppyhood.

Amy has already earned herself plenty of nicknames:

  • Miss Amy
  • Princess Amy
  • Mimi
  • Ninja Pup
  • The Ninja Princess
  • Banana Scammer
  • Trip Hazard
  • Truffle Hunter
  • Death From Below
  • The Kraken

But whatever you call her, just don’t call her late for dinner! Or breakfast. Or snacktime. Or fourthmeal.

Happy Birthday, Ninja Princess.

Enjoy your cake.



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2 responses to “Amy Turns 4!

  1. Mary Anne

    Did Car Buddy and Brudder Buddy get to come to the birthday party? They have hats too.

    Happy Birthday!

    • Rachel

      Please note! The “candle” on Amy’s “cake” is a Chicken Carry-Out. She seems to really like them. I tear one in to four or more pieces for treat games after AM walk. And the dining room is currently populated by a dragon, a sheep, and a fox with a missing ear. It is like medieval England up in here.

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