A Third Kind of Person

I have always said that there are two kinds of people in the world, the people who go, “It’s a corgi!” when they see us coming toward them, and the people who go, “What kind of dog is THAT?!” There is a small, overlapping minority of people who don’t know what it is, but know that the Queen of England has a small herd of them.

The people who say “It’s a corgi!” inevitably have had a corgi, or know someone who does. And not one of these people hasn’t loved the animal in question, or not had something praiseworthy to say about the breed. They’re so sweet; they’re so funny; they’re so beautiful. And almost 100% of the time, they then say, “But SHE has SUCH a sweet face,” or “But SHE has SUCH a beautiful coat,” or “But SHE is just SO friendly!” By which I perceive that my particular specimen of corgi is an exceptionally beautiful, sweet one (tell me something I didn’t know).

Today I met the Third Person, an elite subset of the person who says “It’s a corgi!” Today I met the person who sees Amy and I coming toward her on the street and says,

“It’s a Tasha Tudor dog!”

Some of you, even my corgilovers (but not likely), may be asking, “Who is Tasha Tudor?” and I apologize if I’ve been a bad corgi mama and not foisted her on you before now. Tasha Tudor was a New England storyteller and illustrator whose love for the corgi and sweetly transcendent drawings combined to create the sweetest looking corgis you’ll ever see on paper. She wrote many books of her own stories for children, and illustrated editions of such gems as A Little Princess, Little Women, The Secret Garden, A Child’s Garden of Verses, and the stories of Mother Goose. She wrote and illustrated The Corgiville Christmas and Corgiville Fair, among others. There is also a collection of her recipes, which happens to include THE Infamous Mincemeat Cookie Recipe in as pure as form as we’ve ever seen it (and also the only written version we know of!). I didn’t know about Tasha Tudor until I started learning more about corgis, so to me knowing about her and her work — and her love for the corgi — is a hallmark of the most elite corgi person possible.

It is a super-special kind of corgi person who exclaims, “It’s a Tasha Tudor dog!” when they see a corgi coming down the street.


And on a related note, Amy is not a fluffy! She’s been shown and bred, which the AKC doesn’t allow you to do with fluffies! She just has a very luxurious coat, and all her litter and pack mates have the same gorgeous coat as she does!


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