Goal 2012, #2: Giving (More)

There is an odd pleasure that comes from giving back to one’s community. Some people occasionally give a little bit each week in their church’s offering plate, while some people set aside a whole tithe each year. Others support local organizations with donations of time, money, or material (such as donating canned items to a local food pantry, or volunteering to make meal deliveries to local seniors). Some people provide foster homes to children or puppies or kitties, giving time, love, and resources to the growing creatures in our world.

But do any of us give as much as we can?

I especially like to support history and the arts, so being (and remaining) a member of the Museum of Fine Arts does something to feed my soul — and in return, I get to enjoy world-class art exhibits year round. (In the years I wasn’t an MFA member, I was a season-ticket-holder at the Boston Baroque, supporting an excellent local fine performing arts outfit. If you live around Boston and haven’t been to a BB concert, you’re missing out.)

We’ve talked, casually, about expanding our giving to include other near & dear causes, but this year I’m setting the goal to finally do it. It’s in our power, so why not give a little back?

  1. Continue supporting the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (November)
  2. Finally donate to NPR!! Best to wait for a matching challenge, so what we give goes twice as far. (a spring or summer fund drive perhaps?)
  3. Orchard House, Louisa May Alcott’s home in Concord, Mass. I’ve never even been, but this year I want to go visit and I want to give in support of this historic home and the efforts of its caretakers. (March, probably — how symbolic!)

And maybe one more cause — maybe a local animal group? Maybe donate something material, like dog or cat food?

A question for my (few) readers:
What do other people do to give back to the community?
How could we all try to give a little extra this year?



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2 responses to “Goal 2012, #2: Giving (More)

  1. Donate blood! After going through my treated pregnancy this year and benefitting from the generosity of thousands upon thousands of blood donors, volunteering with the local blood bank — since I can’t donate again until March 2013 — is how I plan on giving back to my community. I may also try and organize a blood drive in honor of my girls, who wouldn’t be here without the miracle and power of blood donation.

    • Rachel

      That is a pretty clever way to give back! Many people are proud of giving blood, but those who can’t give (you will be one for a while, and I’ll always be one!) can “give” by volunteering their time to help at blood drives!

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