Springing has sprung

The upside of keeping a blog: Looking back at last year’s entries to see when I noticed certain birds and flowers.

The Red-Winged Blackbird is just a little earlier this year — March 12 instead of March 17. And shortly thereafter, your friend and mine Mr Flicker — he’s early, but he hasn’t yet gotten to the time of year when he’s as annoying as all get-out.

But the magnolias — both the ones in the neighborhood — showed their popcorn-esque blooms on March 21, almost three solid weeks earlier than last year (last year was April 8). I’m not sure whether that says more about last year’s dismally difficult winter, or this year’s alarmingly mild one.

The neighbors’ lilac bush at the corner of their property near ours — where I can sit on the porch all spring and admire it and smell it — is starting to open its green little buds. It has been inching toward budding out for a couple of weeks now but I think that if the nice weather keeps up, it will start bursting in to bloom before long.

I noticed in the course of Saturday or Sunday that the roses by the beach walk are starting to put out green buds as well. The local Roses of Sharon are just starting to get underway, and the forsythia bank a block away is just starting to green. Daffodils are opening up and crocuses are popping up in droves. I saw a cheery little carpet of them in someone’s yard this morning — white and dark amethyst with little yellow centers, everywhere!

Moved the buoy bell to the old clothesline anchor in the backyard, under the Mysterious Tree, where it can finally catch the breeze. Sometimes when the chiming drifts in through the open back door I wonder what that sound is, but then I remember a nice September day in Boothbay, and lobster BLTs and blueberry cheesecake fudge and lunch with my grandma. Warm, fuzzy, Mainer memories.


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