May Showers

April showers are dragging on in to May…which works out just fine, since April was actually a pretty dry month. I feel like the local flora are finally getting on schedule — tulips, beach roses, and violets (violas? we are unsure, exactly) are all blooming, and whatever that tree is with the dainty pink-white flowers that sheds petals like snow is snowing all over the sidewalks, making, in about a week, a slippery-treacherous walking surface. I seem to remember it was about this time last year when that happened, and we were slipping about on our walkies. Saw the glossy ibises in the marsh this past weekend, too — missed them last spring and fretted, but there was a whole itty bitty flock of them this time. The roses of Sharon are not really greening up yet, but those are summer bloomers so if they are just starting to wake up, that’s fine by me.

It’s still cool, which makes the weather chilly & wet, but I have remind myself that May isn’t “almost summer,” it’s “full-swing spring” and therefore still a time of waking up the earth and shaking off the grip of winter. Summer grill-and-party season unofficially starts Memorial Day weekend, of course, which is coming up quickly for those of us who may be planning to host or attend a family grill-up, so mentally we’re already preparing for summer events.

Remember to take the time to stop and smell the tulips, friends, and just try to be patient — those roses are coming!


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