Creative Weeks May 21-June 2

CREATIVITY CALENDAR for the weeks MAY 21-June 2 2012

  • learned to identify phlox in the wild
  • got lost with no map and unreliable, spotty GPS; had to use old 8th grade Orienteering skills!
  • did a few hours of cross-stitching while watching TV
  • made a loaf of brown bread to give away and taught my potato salad recipe to my niece
  • helped Jim design an enormous flower bed for the backyard — didn’t help him build it, just “advised” lol
  • wrote out 4 recipes for Jim’s aunt, with whom we stayed in PA

It was nice to get out of state for a while, even if we had to spend a whole day driving to do it. Even if it was muggy as all get out. Jim got a bit of a tan roughhousing with the cousins, but I stayed sunscreened and under shade as much as possible, and I might have gotten a bit of a tinge but at least I avoided a full-out burn. I wasn’t nearly as creative as a I could have been, but I sure was busy!


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