Creative Week June 3-9

It’s hard to be creative when you spend most of your waking hours working… So this week was a lot more about mental creativity than physical creativity, at least up until the very end, when the kitchen exploded in a food-creating frenzy.

Jim built me a beautiful, GINORMOUS planter/raised bed in the backyard. Pics will be forthcoming, but right now it’s just a wooden frame. We need some loam and rocks to complete it, for which purpose Jim is networking with one of our neighbors, who is a landscaper. I spent a lot of time this week planning out my theme and colors for my little garden. I want some sculptural interest and lots of bulb flowers, which I seem to have luck with. Bulbs don’t go down until the autumn, though, so I might get a flat of annuals at the local big box garden store just to get some summer color in.

CREATIVITY CALENDAR for the week June 3-9 2012

  • created two new wrap recipes for best friend’s birthday party — one meat, one vegetarian
  • made 24 wraps, 7 dozen chocolate chip cookies, and a slightly-more-than-1-pound cheese ball for said party
  • garden planning: visual interest using rocks, sculpture, or shells and driftwood; perennial bulbs such as tulips and irises

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