August – Alive & Kicking

So, it’s August — when did that happen? And I’m alive and kicking, I promise.

Things I have accomplished:
Traveled by myself to somewhere I’d never been before.
Got within two hours’ drive of my birthplace.*
Went to a friend’s wedding.
Saw some old friends for the first time in a decade.
Met new friends; love them dearly.
Made pinot noir jelly.
Watched Jim rip out so many yards of privet hedge, my mind is boggled.
Watched Jim build a new flower bed.
Ordered 155 fall-planting, spring-blooming bulbs.
Read some books.
Trimmed some corgi nails.
Made lamb & couscous.
Roasted some fish.
Got an Adirondack chair.
Had some really deep thoughts about perspective and culture, & attendant cultural pressures, but haven’t figured out the best way to verbalize them, yet.
Watched my best friend embark on a new chapter of her life — engagement!

*For many of you, this may not be a big accomplishment. It may, in fact, be commonplace. This was the closest I’ve been to my birthplace in 27 +/- years, and I’m not yet 30, so I make note of it.

Things I plan to do the rest of August & September:
Make more jelly.
Read more books.
Fuss in the garden.
Sit in the Adirondack chair.
Trim corgi nails — again.


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One response to “August – Alive & Kicking

  1. Hmmm… I tried to leave a comment but I guess it didn’t go through.

    It sounds like you did some great things this summer! I always wish I could do more in the garden but it never seems to happen. More money, more time, and not enough help from my husband. As I always say, maybe next year.

    Those bulbs should be wonderful next spring!


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