Things We’ve Been Doing

  • Weeding
  • Making wine jelly
  • Planning next year’s garden (what to plant, how & where to plant it, what to do with the harvest)
  • More weeding
  • Remaking the basement in to a more useful space — sealing the walls, dividing the space, et cetera
  • Trying to get over various qualms about making my own cheese — specifically, mozzarella. Jim says if I start with cow’s milk, I can eventually graduate to trying sheep and goat varieties.
  • Still weeding
  • Cheering on my blueberry bushes — two seem to be growing a bit, the third not so much maybe? Time to  give the little darling some compost.
  • Thinning out the vinca which are threatening to take over the blueberry bushes
  • Plotting out bulb planting — when & where
  • Gearing up for fall visitors — both sets of parents and at least one grandmother, maybe two, inside of three weeks
  • Buying scads of bed linens, on sale, no less
  • Eating chocolate

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