Trust me to not get around to my “spring” cleaning until the first of September. Today’s been a very invigorating and productive day — hopefully an auspicious start to the month. You might think it’s boring — I think it’s been a revelation.

Got up, walked a brisk 3.5 miles.

Took down the summer wreath, put up the autumn wreath. Even though it’s technically still summer, it’s September — don’t judge me.

Emptied the dishwasher.

Embarked on a crusade to ready the guest bedroom for the miniature armada of houseguests on schedule for this month:

  • Excavate the bed (it tends to be a staging/working area for me most of the year)
  • Put new sheets on bed, flip the bedcover
  • Excavate a little bit of additional space in closet and dresser by weeding out clothes that no longer have any hope of fitting me

I have also been doing endless laundry today, particularly bed linens, since I bought 4 new sets on sale at Kohl’s this week. I think the fourth set of sheets is in the washer now. I hope to get through at least one more before the end of the day. I am also weeding out decade-old sheets that have faded or lost their charm, and plan to donate them to the deserving kiddoes at BraveHeart Pit Bull Rescue. I’ll wait while you click on the link. Aren’t they some sweet faces, right?

Indulgent trip to nearby The Fresh Market for trimmings for my dinner-party-of-one dinner: heirloom tomatoes, baked potato salad, fresh berries, Cape Cod Creamery “Sandy Neck Snickers.” Dinner is going to be an heirloom tomato and mayo sandwich on toasted multigrain bread, with potato salad and berries on the side, after I spend some time spreading compost on the saddest of the blueberry bushes. Which I have told myself I will do at 6 o’clock, after the worst part of the day has passed. Follow that up with Snickers ice cream and the first episode of the new Doctor Who on BBCA at 9, and I don’t mind that Jim went to a work-person barbecue while I stayed home and did chores.


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