Autumn in New England

It looks like this weekend might turn out to be a good one for planting my fall bulbs. One piece of common wisdom says to plant when the daily temperature is in the 60s consistently, and the 10-day forecast currently has every day in the mid 60s, with one day that might be 70. I think I’m safe. The landscaper is theoretically coming this Friday to do the bit by the driveway with nice cobbles, and once that is cleaned up I can split the Monster Hosta and start bulb planting. I’m hoping that Sunday won’t be rainy, because I don’t want to be planting in a cold rain. I can’t wait for spring, to see whether my 40 grape hyacinths come up.

So, I made shortbread for the first time. It was deliriously good. It involved cardamom, a non-traditional shortbread spice, but it contributed a warmth of flavor that was perfectly fitting for an autumn cookie. I was pretty afraid of shortbread, thinking it would be a finicky dough, but then I made a biscuit-type dough for apple dumplings and those turned out pretty good, and I wasn’t as afraid of shortbread anymore. The next thing I might want to try is my own English muffins, or crumpets. I found a recipe that makes them seem easy, as long as you have English muffin rings. So I just need to find those. I found them on the King Arthur Flour website. ❤ KAF.

Also, as you guessed from the previous paragraph, I made apple dumplings. They still need perfecting, but it was another America’s Test Kitchen recipe, so most of the bumps were already smoothed out for me. ❤ ATK.

Maybe the sun is trying to come out today? It’s hard to tell. Happy Autumn, folks. Bake something that smells fabulous & have a warming beverage.


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