Long Range Forecast, Oct 8-11

I’m fascinated by weather, weather patterns, and weather predicting. I need to observe the weather more, and I want to see just how accurate the Farmer’s Almanac long-range forecast is. So let’s test it, shall we?

October 2012
8th-11th. Strong disturbance off the Atlantic Coast. Heavy rains Mid-Atlantic States. Stormy, with gale-force winds along New England coast.

October 9: Very windy AM. Grey, cloudy sky. Slaty, frosty looking, whipped-up surf. Brisk wind from the east, or just about, carrying the smell of sea water. Noon temp: about 58 degrees.

October 10: Grey. No sun in two days. Not really rainy, just grey. Weatherglass hints at high pressure on the way.

October 11: Roman feast of Meditrinalia, the wine harvest. Gloriously clear, blue sky. Not a cloud to be seen. Sun sparkles off blue ocean. Crisp, chilly wind. 9 AM temp: 47 degrees. Appreciably chillier than this day in 2008, which was a glorious and WARM day.


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