Long Range Forecast, Oct 12-15

October 2012
12th-15th. Fair, then showers return, accompanied by milder air.

October 12: Brisk but clear. Not as bitterly cold as yesterday morning, but I’m wondering where my cap and mittens are. Midday passing shower, followed by crisp & clear.

October 13: At 6:30 AM, the outdoor thermometer says 31 degrees. Wore the hat but not the mittens on morning walkies. Crisp but lovely! By afternoon, it’s warm if you sit directly in the sun and don’t move.

October 14: Had to wear a sweater and two jackets on morning walkies, but by afternoon walkies the weather was positively delicious, just warm enough to be a pleasant with a cool whiff to the air that just hinted at autumn.

October 15: Extremely mild morning — low 60’s at 6 AM. Brisk breeze from the southwest, and the weatherglass hints at a low pressure system on the horizon (10 AM). A bit of drizzle & rain in the late evening.


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