Long Range Forecast, Oct 28-31

October 2012
28th-31st. Trick-or-treaters enjoy mostly fair weather.

October 28: If you know what to look for, you could tell a hurricane is coming. Popcorn-y clouds skidding west at high speed. A breath of warm air. By evening, clouds and spitting rain.

October 29: Hurricane Sandy makes landfall in New Jersey and New York. In Boston, wind gusts up to 70 mph, about 3″ of rain. The morning high tide was a display of natural wrath, but the water stayed down quite a bit. By 9:30 PM the wind died down considerably — only 20 mph gusting 30. The midnight tide was significantly less eventful because the wind had subsided. Thankfully.

October 30: Sunny morning with passing showers. No major damage in our neighborhood, just lots of leaves down, a few small-medium branches down, and the marsh is a bit high on the ocean side but no where near the road bed. We didn’t lose power once, and I know there are small, isolated outages in our area. The largest outage in the city affects 3000+ people.

October 31: A fair Halloween evening indeed! Tons of trick or treaters were out this year taking advantage of the post-tropical warmth that Sandy brought. The day was mostly gloomy with some hints of sun, a little bit of a passing shower. A mostly pleasant day, however.


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