Long Range Forecast, Nov 4-7

November 2012
4th-7th. Stormy, with heavy rain, snow, then clearing, cold. Wet for ING New York City Marathon.

November 4: A sunny but crisp day. The afternoon was pleasant enough, wearing a sweater AND a jacket, if you were moving along at a good clip. Walked 2 miles with corgi over a new trail, really liked it.

November 5: I can’t shake the feeling that there is snow coming. 39 degrees at 6:30 AM, and a cool, minty taste to the air down by the water. 42 degrees at 5 PM. Weather glass shows high pressure coming?

November 6: ELECTION DAY. 30 degrees at 6:30 AM, and yet I do not feel as cold as I felt yesterday morning. Then again, today I hauled out hat and boots. Buckets of water we prepped for Hurricane Sandy are sitting on the back deck, frozen solid. Still waiting for that high pressure that the glass is still showing…

November 7: It was 41 when I woke up at 6:30. Nor’easter coming. Rain, lots of wind, gloomy morning, and some thunder. After dinner — SNOW in some areas of Boston and Rhode Island. None out here by the sea. The weather glass has righted itself with the arrival of the Nor’easter.



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2 responses to “Long Range Forecast, Nov 4-7

  1. Snow here! The lawn is covered and it looks beautiful. Little too early for my liking, though.

    • Rachel

      I don’t mind a little Thanksgiving snow…but this had better vamoose promptly. 😦 Not like it’s even snowing out here, but still….

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