Mental math

I just realized that for wanting to have had a more creative year, my creativity came out in places I wasn’t expecting in January. If I attempt a bit of mental math, I can think of:

  • 8 8-ounce jars of wine jelly in August (4 red, 4 white)
  • 21 8-ounce jars of apple butter in early September
  • 9 pint jars of cranberry sauce since mid-November (and 3 more to go…)
  • 20 dozen of Grandma’s T’s chocolate chip cookies in December alone…
  • …and 5 or so dozen butterscotch triple chip cookies…
  • 4 loaves of brown bread in December (so far)
  • my first loaf of challah (didn’t turn out too bad!)
  • home-fermented apple cider beer (4 gallons)
  • one batch of homemade baked beans that could do with improving
  • my first crack at matzo ball soup, which turned out a winner if I do say so myself
  • America’s Test Kitchen apple dumplings

And the year’s not yet over! Still plenty of surprises left in this kitchen….


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