Long Range Forecast, Dec 20-23

December 2012
20th-23rd. Snow from Pennsylvania and New York to Maine. Showery across Mid-Atlantic States, then clearing, very cold.

December 20: Rainy and unpleasant.

December 21: Early morning rain and winds and a midday monsoon give way to a lovely late afternoon full of sun and fresh air.

December 22: Early AM, the weatherglass predicts approaching low pressure, and the dog is going berserk. A brief passing shower seems to set her right, after which all is sun and pleasantry. Canned 3 pints of cranberry sauce for the pantry.

December 23: Roman feast of Saturnalia. Woke up at 7:30 AM to a cheerful 25 degrees. I’m glad I didn’t look at the outdoor temp when I had awoken two hours earlier, at 5 AM. So I waited until the outdoor temp had crested 30 before taking Amy out for a walk. It actually wasn’t too bad, if I kept the hood of my jacket up. Canned the last 3 pints of cranberry sauce for the year — that makes 6 in the pantry.


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