Second Meat Share

About time I posted this, right? I’ve been sitting on this bounty since last Thursday…

2012-12-20 14.27.29

Meat, meat, meat! The second Farm School Winter Meat CSA share of the season. Containing everything pictured above plus a dozen cute little brown eggs, not pictured, most of which are, yet again, destined to become egg sandwiches and fried eggs.

Another packet of smoked bacon
1 packet of ground lamb
1 smoked ham slice (and it’s beautiful to behold)
1 boneless New York sirloin steak (hefty, gorgeously marbled)
1 pork butt roast (the size of my head)

For some reason, I wasn’t able to really embrace the first meat share until I knew what was in the second. We were able to finish off last month’s pork breakfast sausage fairly quickly, because we made it in to patties, refroze them, and could just pull out a pattie and fry it when we wanted it. And it was delicious, perfectly seasoned with sage and clove, firm, not at all fatty, and rich in flavor. I’ve also been working through the hot Italian sausage from last month, baking one partway, slicing it, and finishing it in the frying pan and tossing it with cavatappi and chunky garden pasta sauce. The Italian sausage shares many of the breakfast sausage’s qualities, being firm and rich and not too fatty — mostly what fat there is fries off and turns the outside of the sausage a lovely crisp golden brown.

I’m trying to plan more meals using the Farm School meat in the coming month, because there’s very little point in having all this lovely bounty and then not using it. Pork chops from the first share are thawing now to be showcased on a bed of sauerkraut for Christmas Eve dinner tonight. I’ve already got plans for the ham slice and the steak.


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