Long Range Forecast, Dec 28-31

December 2012
28th-31st. Stormy New England, with heavy wet snow/sleet. Rainy Mid-Atlantic States. Then fair, cold.

December 28: I think there were a grand total of 6 snowflakes on the ground when we woke up this morning. Of course, they were gone by the time the sun came around. A crisp, fierce, but sunny day.

December 29: A brisk morning and afternoon, with a taste of snow in the air, then rain. Rain, rain, rain. Rain turns to “wintry mix” around 6, turns to snow around 9 PM.

December 30: Wake up to a winter wonderland in the low 20s. By the coast we escaped most of the accumulation, but because of the late rain and slow transition to wintry mix, there’s a layer of ice underneath the mantle of white. But the sun is peeping out and trying to thaw things a bit, and make life easier for the shovelers…

December 31: A day of weak sunlight and icy sidewalks. Took a brisk late-afternoon/early-evening stroll in the dog park to tire out the little fur-beast before heading out to a home-cooked 6-course New Year’s Eve dinner. Had to skip the beer pairings this year….but that’s ok! There’s always next year!


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