Long Range Forecast, Jan 1-3

January 2013
1st-3rd. Showery, then clearing and cold. Wet for Mummers Day Parade in Philadelphia.

January 1: A pleasant day, most of which I spent curled up reading the first book of the year — Alcott’s “Little Women.” It looked comfortable in California for the Rose Parade. The snow on the back deck and driveway melts steadily in direct sun, but freezes up as soon as the sun moves on. Result: Lots of black ice.

January 2: A bit blustery but not a bad day. I’m in the office, so I’m a bit surprised every time I pass a window and see snow, like I’ve managed to forget that it was there.

January 3: There were so few degrees when I woke up this morning, that my digital outdoor thermometer didn’t want to tell me what the temperature was. It took half an hour to work up to telling me it was 7 degrees out. In reality? Taking a walk this morning was almost more bearable than taking a walk when the temp’s in the teens or twenties. Go figure. Go big, or go home.


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