Pay It Forward 2013

My friend on Facebook had — or co-opted, I don’t know — a genius idea. “Pay It Forward 2013”: the first five commenters on her status won a small something, a treat, a craft, from her. The only catch is that you have to be willing to Pay It Forward in your own status update to five more people. I like the idea of crafting something to send out in to the world, and in fact I prefer it. I get the benefit of crafting the fun craft, then I get to give it away. The only problem is that I can’t craft the thing and ~then~ give it away, I have to plan to give it away before I craft it, or else I never know who to give it to! Now I get the pleasure of choosing something I think each recipient would like, and make it personal.

Of course, I have to add something additional to my year on top of having a baby. But, I’ve got six whole months before the little frog arrives in which I can craft, bake, and create to my heart’s content. And I’ve noticed that when it comes to making, my heart tends to have quite a bit of content in need of contenting.

So far I’ve only had two takers!


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