Long Range Forecast: Jan 4-7

January 2013
4th-7th. Storm sweeps across Pennsylvania and New York with gusty winds and heavy precipitation.

January 4: Why does this day seem so unremarkable?

January 5: A generally pleasant day, plenty of sunshine and not too cold.

January 6: A very, very light dusting of snow sometime overnight. Where the sun hits it, it melts; where the shade remains, it turns to invisible, slippery ice. Pleasant day for errands. 40 degrees at 1 PM.

January 7: Low-mid 20s overnight. It’s cold. I mean, it could be colder, but it’s unpleasant to stand out in, and there’s ice. Walking briskly helps but is in no wise a substitute for a warm building and half a dozen fleece blankets. Late-night low cloud cover — revealed by the way that steam hangs low over the city after dark — hints at a slight rise in temperatures to come.


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