“So, you don’t sound like you’re from around here…”

I hear that frequently up here in the Bay State, and usually because the person with whom I am conversing can’t place my accent or speech patterns. So let me try and explain.

Cali-born to two transplanted New Englanders, one of whom (the offspring of a Mainer and a Bay Stater) was born in Texas and raised in Texas and Maine, the other of whom (the offspring of a Mainer and a West Virginian) was born in Connecticut and raised in Maine and upstate New York. Super-early schooling in Louisiana and Texas, early schooling in far-north-eastern North Dakota with teachers who were from far-north Minnesota (Minnesooooda?). Plagued by middle school classmates, tamped down lingering sound of the upper Midwest during sojourn in southern Nevada. College educated in Boston. Can’t watch Fargo or a Sarah Palin interview without serious lapsus linguae.

Did that help?


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