Long Range Forecast, Jan 12-15

January 2013
12th-15th. Mostly fair.

January 12: Late night rain — almost all the snow is gone now, except for icy piles at street corners and lampposts. Gloom. 42 degrees at 1:30 PM.

January 13: A pleasant, mild day. Streets and sidewalks wet from a combination of rain and persistent cloud cover that prevents evaporation and obscures the sun.

January 14: 60 degrees at 2 PM. SIXTY! I have a window open! This is ridiculous. The day started out very gloomy, with low-laying cloud cover and stiff breezes from the south. Now it is blue and sunny with infrequent wispy clouds, and the birds are singing like SPRING is just around the corner.

January 15: Pleasant but chilly. Especially as sunset approached. Heard rain around midnight, there should be some snow tomorrow morning…


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