Third Meat Share

Meat, glorious meat! I am anxiously awaiting the day when GoogleMaps A) figures out that going down the Mass Pike is not my first choice when Storrow Dr/Soldiers Field Rd is 1) equally viable and 2) not a toll road, and B) decides to send me the same way to and from the pick-up location twice in a row. So far, third time has not been the charm.

Unless the charm is MEAT.

2013-01-24 14.18.31

Starting in the upper right corner and proceeding clockwise, we have:

YET MORE bacon (hallelujah!)
1 packet country style pork ribs
1 packet ground beef
1 packet ground pork
1/2 leg lamb
1 beef shank/soup bone
and 2 more packets of pork loin chops

The Farm School must have some super-happy chickens this month — each CSA’er gets TWO DOZEN eggs this time around. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a month’s worth of breakfasts to me. This morning I just finished my last allotment of farm eggs by scrambling an egg and baking it wrapped in a honey-oat-flax tortilla with some Mexican cheese blend and some pre-cooked pastrami. Breakfast egg-cheese-protein wrap…with ketchup. And PS, if you ever ask yourself what’s for breakfast, one of these days your answer should involve some combo of cheese, eggs, and black pastrami, with either some potato or some tortilla or toast to meld it all together. With ketchup. Your tastebuds thank you in advance.

The only sad thing about this month is that there are only two pickups left! But it has been wonderful. What a wonderful opportunity.


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