Long Range Forecast, Jan 28-31

January 2013
28th-31st. Sharp cold front brings rain and snow showers, then clearing and cold.

January 28: Cold but not windy. Still, my ears and fingers are numb by the end of morning walk.

January 29:

January 30: It feels like it could be spring, except when a surprising gust of cold air comes around. End of day is warm-ish and humid.

January 31: Holy cow with the wind. Woke up at 3:30 to the sound of a freight train outside the window, which didn’t abate. Got up and checked the internet for possible tornado warnings — just high wind advisories. This is the same line of storms and high winds that dropped tornados across the south on the afternoon of the 30th. Checked current conditions (3:50 AM) at the Blue Hill Observatory:

Temperature: 57.8
Dew point: 56.7
Humidity: 96%
Wind gust: SSW 70 mph
Wind speed: S 43 mph (Fresh gale)
Barometer: 29.192″ (988.6 mb) Falling Rapidly

Gah. Weatherglass this morning around 8:30 AM was dribbling over. Too bad I hadn’t thought to check it while I roused the house watching The Weather Channel at 4 in the morning. We lost a bit of flashing off the roofline overnight, but it snapped itself apart with the repeated bending and landed harmlessly in the side yard. At least it didn’t go through a window, ours or the neighbors! 10:30 AM — continuing wind and rain, but blue sky can be seen in the west — and a bit of sun!


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