22 Weeks: Surviving Nemo

Well, we lost power last week during Winter Storm Nemo. Friday night it had been flickering for an hour or two, but right before 8 PM it finally went out. The wind and snow continued to rage through the night, and National Grid was unable to send out crews until early Saturday afternoon. We survived one night on the couch with the three of us curled up and piles and piles of blankets, and as soon as the governor lifted the travel ban, we (more accurately: I, and I dragged everyone else with me) hightailed it to my best friend’s, who kept her heat and power through the storm. It was late morning Sunday before we got power back.

But you know what? That’s pretty darn impressive. Although I was without power for about 40 hours, it was less than 24 hours since power crews were deployed by the time I got power. And our pipes didn’t freeze! Hurrah!

Amy used up all her energy trying teach my friend’s 9-month-old horse-puppy some manners, and some play moves. Ever wonder what it looks like when a foot-high grande dame puts the schooling on a dog with legs so long, she can comfortably walk underneath them?

Other than that, and the subsequent distance I was put behind in around-the-house chores, it’s been a pretty uneventful week.


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