23 Weeks: I suppose I owe you an update…

…even though not much happened this week. I’ve had two ultrasounds, because Little Miss wouldn’t give up the goods on a certain view of her heart muscle, and because I was having sharp stabbing pains on my left side around the edge of the uterus, and I wanted to rule out cysts and placenta problems. Turns out to just be round ligament pains. Whew.

We bought some paint this week, and some baby furniture, and I ordered the artwork for the nursery from Dutch Door Press in San Francisco. I think I must have originally found them when I was searching for California-themed art work on Etsy, and I thought it would be cute if we had a baby to get the three states of our family’s birth — California, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts — and frame them up. Now that Little Miss is on the way, and the theme of the nursery is “Wildlife of North America (narrated by David Attenborough),” I thought it would be GENIUS to get a BUNCH of prints that had family meaning, and use them for nursery art.

Birth states of Baby, Us, and Grandparents? Massachusetts, California, Texas, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York…oh, and Pennsylvania again. That doesn’t work.

Maybe include Great Grandparents? Mass, Cali, Tex, Conn, Penn, NY, West Virginia, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Maine…Maine…Massachusetts again…Pennsylvania again…times two. Too many repeats. Ok, that won’t work either.

OH I KNOW! States Jim and I have lived in! Ok for Jim that’s Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, our current state. For me that’s, hmm…California, Maine, Louisiana, Texas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nevada, and Massachusetts. That’s 10 states total…7 for me, 2 for Jim, and 1 for both of us. Yes, we moved a lot growing up. Happily, the ladies at Dutch Door were able to create a special 10-state deal for me, so now I’m really excited to see baby’s new art programme when it arrives. We will go to IKEA for plain black frames once the prints arrive. I will take pictures for you.

Can you imagine if I’d expanded to “states Jim and I and our parents have lived in”? To the 10 already mentioned add:

  • Connecticut
  • Maryland
  • New York
  • New Hampshire
  • Tennessee
  • District of Columbia
  • EDIT: Oklahoma

That would be 16 17 states, and that seemed a bit berserk of me.*

Non-baby things I accomplished this week:

  • Made jam
  • Lots of laundry
  • CSA pick up
  • Jim’s car inspected
  • (tried to get) windshield replacement on my car — next week! Thanks for ordering the wrong windshield!
  • Haircut
  • Stopped by jeweler
  • Vision check-up, new prescription (barely changed in 4 years!), ordered five frames from Warby Parker for home-try-on

Oh, and I slept a great deal. I slept away the months of November and February, I seriously don’t know where they went. If the pattern holds, I expect to also sleep for most of the month of May.

*Edited. My mom emailed me last night and reminded me I had forgotten when they lived in Oklahoma. And, seventeen is just too odd a number to make a pleasing installation, so that puts the kibosh on that plan.


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