24 Weeks: 3 AM Samba Lessons

She’s become a fairly predictable mover, even though I know that she’s still working out a schedule and won’t be super-predictable for a handful more weeks. The doctor specifically said that as long as I feel something every day, that’s the goal for right now, and kick counting or super-predictability doesn’t start until 30 weeks. But I can pretty much depend on some entertainment around 7 or 7:30 in the morning, again just around dinner time or while I’m relaxing after dinner, and late at night if I lay in bed the right way.

Then there’s the 3 AM samba lessons.

Two or three times this week I have woken up in the middle of the night (or been woken up?) to discover some really energetic somersaults going on under my belly button. I haven’t quite figured out if it has something to do with what I eat at night, when I eat, or which position I sleep in, and getting up and going to the bathroom only makes her more energetic.

The GOOD news this week is that I am off pelvic rest! Yoga here I come! That’s one good thing that came out of her being difficult to show her heart, I had two unexpected ultrasounds that also revealed our placental issues had completely disappeared. So that shaves a whole month off my sentence. WINNING.

Hopefully we will have the baby room painted this weekend, and can start setting it up and seeing where we are, what we need, and what we want. And it’s a beautiful morning — could Spring be around the corner?

We also learned that she doesn’t appreciate the Doppler machine. I can depend on her to aim a boot straight at it within a few seconds of it being pressed against her, and for the next forty minutes or so she protests. Apparently I did not appreciate the Doppler either in my day, so at least she comes by it honestly.


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