And then the freezer died

Last year for Valentine’s Day, I got a 6.9 cubic foot upright freezer for the basement. What a romantic gift, right? Luckily I had to go down this morning to get some frozen spinach, because I discovered that the freezer had ceased to run. The veggies were all slightly squishy, even though the meat still seemed to be mostly frozen. Jim thinks it was more thawed out than after we had lost power after Nemo, which tells me that the freezer has been defunct for three days at least. I’m really, really lucky I needed to get something out. We were able to rescue most of the items, but had to give up some of them. After I’d made some sacrifices, Jim was able to fit everything remaining in the upstairs freezer, but not one more thing will fit and I have to be really careful opening the freezer door in case some ice cream comes flying out at me.

We are also so lucky that we had bought a 2-year protection plan, so the cost of the freezer is completely put toward a new model. We up-bought to another manufacturer and a larger 13.7 cubic foot model with a few more bells and whistles, so we’ve got to make some room in the basement before the delivery comes, about 6 inches more room, but the peace of mind is worth it. I could have gotten the exact same freezer again, but after it just died on us after barely 53 weeks? Why put myself through that? And the new one will hold EVEN MORE bulk meats and homemade casseroles. And it has shelves in the door, an inside light, auto-defrost, and an alarm that goes off if the temperature goes higher than a preset temp, so if this happens AGAIN, which it better hadn’t, we’ll know sooner! Huzzah!

So while Jim was painting the nursery, I was at the store trying to get the best deal on a freezer. In the end, we got a lot accomplished. Teamwork.

And at least this happened NOW, and not in April, May, or June, right? Sometimes I get lucky.


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