27 Weeks: This week can end any time now.

Ok, the BEST thing about this week is that on Thursday, Little Miss’s survival-on-the-outside rate went from 80% to 90%. YES, WINNING. Home stretch, baby.

(When I had the first visit to the surgeon on March 4, it was only 50%. We’ve come a long way in two weeks.)

The worst thing about this week is the inch thick black ice on the driveway Wednesday morning. My ankle STILL hurts from the spill I took. It hasn’t had the dignity to bruise or swell, I just have to hydrate myself silly to keep pregnancy swelling down or else it hurts like it’s broken. The upside of hydrating like crazy is it encourages Little Miss to move around and kick and dance, so that’s a huge incentive to drink a ton of water.

Jim has assembled the dresser for her room, so it’s “hanging art on walls” time. And then it will be “putting things in drawers” time. And at some point, I’ll have to finish emptying the little closet of our things so there will be room for her things — I acknowledge that this may not happen til late summer or fall.

A quiet week. One of transition, and trying to rest for the whirlwind ahead.


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