29 Weeks: Springtime

11 weeks and counting, and I think it’s officially springtime. The neighborhood magnolia trees are starting to blossom out, the neighbor’s lilac is bursting with buds, and this morning I discovered 7 little purple crocuses in my blueberry garden. My tulips (big and mini) and everything else we planted is a little behind the rest of the neighborhood, but every year I notice that the plants in my gardens are about two weeks behind everyone else’s. It baffles me. We’ve had the usual swarm of chickadees and sparrows, what looks to be a cardinal in his first year, and a downy woodpecker at the bird feeder. There are red-winged blackbirds, mourning doves, and bronzed grackles in the marshes. Everywhere there are signs of budding life…including right in front of me.

There is no denying The Bump now. I can still see my feet though, so that’s a blessing. Last week Sunday night yoga was cancelled due to Easter, so instead we walked up to Nut Island park and back, 2 and three-quarters miles in a little over an hour. I was a bit huffy and puffy on Great Hill, but considering this was the first big hike after a lazy winter, and I’m carrying a rather awkward weight around, it wasn’t too terrible. I get huffy if I go up and down the stairs too many times in a row. I’m pleased with the result, anyway. Happily, yoga is back on this week so I don’t need to worry about making up on the activity front. Once the weather settles down in to Spring Mode and is steadily nicer, taking time for long walks on fairly level ground won’t be so onerous as it is right now, while it is still unpleasantly chilly.

None of this really has anything to do with being at 29 Weeks. I know. But nothing about this week has been about being 29 Weeks, except for having a little more bump and being a little more huffy. Ticking off the days. Watching the weather. Making a plan for the month so that I’m ready when family descends in a few weeks. Did taxes, pickled asparagus, did laundry. What a normal week this has been! The worst is getting actively hungry every few hours, a problem which I solve by snacking on something (fruit, cheese, yogurt, toast, almonds, et cetera) every few hours. It makes me feel like I’m doing nothing but eating, but I suppose that’s close to the truth. Just have to remember to eat small and wisely….


2013-03-31 11.13.31


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