33 Weeks: Drip drip drop, little April showers

Baby updates: Everything seems to be growing on schedule, and Miss has already (probably) turned head-down. She’s roughly the size and heft of a pineapple. Ultrasound next week will give us a clue to her potential weight and length! And maybe I will get a peek at what appeared at the last ultrasound to be a terribly cute nose!

This past week saw the flawless execution of a surprise-not-a-surprise-baby-shower by Meghan Makes It, Deep Thought Thursdays, and Alluringly Short. Some things I had to know in advance, like the date (last Saturday), location (dog friendly!), and that my out-of-state parents, out-of-another-state in-laws, and out-of-yet-another-state grandmother were coming (in addition to local guests). Or else I’d have been catatonic on the doorstep and probably run and hid like a startled rabbit. But I didn’t know the theme, the game plan, or the details in advance — just that there had been a few casual questions about any weird food cravings I might have had, and that a book about a moose who fell in love with a steam engine and liked buttermilk and root beer may have planted the seed of inspiration…

The word best used to describe the event that I heard was “irreverent,” followed by “like a fun party.” And it really was more like a fun spring party than a baby shower, which helped me feel relaxed enough to really enjoy myself and all the thoughtful little touches.

Theme: forest animals and nature. Baby deer, baby hedgehogs, birdies and bunnies, flowers, acorns, pine cones, tree branches, lots of natural touches and pink, green, and brown colors. Basically, my nursery inspiration.  In fact, one of the grapevine wreath decorations with a baby deer and baby’s name might have already been hung up by the closet in the nursery, since it was in such perfect harmony with our room decor. Many of the decorations were inspired by Mother Nature and courtesy of Jenn’s backyard. 😀 I may have coveted some jute-twine covered vases… And just to add to the festiveness, Mother Nature obliged with a beautiful spring day, clear skies, good sunshine, and a festival of blooming bushes, flowers, and trees.

Drool-worthy menu:
sliced bread with lemon curd and raspberry preserves
cheese & crackers
veggies & hummus
creamy cheesy bacon ranch dip and chips (I can’t explain it, except it is basically crack; maybe Meghan will take pity on us all and blog the recipe)
spiced Indian lentils
cauliflower curry (with nutmeg! yum!)
saag paneer (spinach and cheese curry)
basmati rice with peas
stuffed Italian shells*
chicken broccoli pasta alfredo*
mini cinnamon buns
chocolate peanut butter “puppy chow”
mini candy bar favors
caramel brownies (SO good)
brownie bites
AWESOME chocolate chip cookies
maple-blueberry baby shower forest cake

*leftovers took up residence in my freezer for use as baby meals

P.S., the cake had a marzipan moose on top. Just in case things couldn’t get any more adorable. And the fondant banner adorning the cake said “Welcome River.” I think that was way better than “Congratulations Mom & Dad,” because let’s be real, this was her party, and totally not a party for me. I just happen to be incubating the honoree at the time and therefore had to absorb the attention and good will that was really meant for her, until she can get here and be the center of attention herself. The whole event was really about how adorable she is going to be in her super fabulous (and surprisingly well coordinated) new wardrobe.

The baby shower gift bingo game was a stroke of GENIUS. I felt like I could finally contribute to people’s enjoyment of the shower (and take attention off of myself!) by opening all the lovely gifts and showing them off so people could win at bingo! I also invented a game we now call “Decorate the Daddy,” where all the bows and ribbons from gifts have to be tied on to, stuck to, or otherwise draped over the dad-to-be. It was really just another ploy to distract from how awkward I felt being the center of attention by tying pink ribbons around Jim’s neck a la Marie from Disney’s The Aristocats. But it worked out amazingly well. I think we shall have to encourage it at all subsequent baby showers thrown by our social circle.

Also, I invented the term “nose squeegee” because I couldn’t think of “nasal aspirator.” Pregnancy brain strikes without warning and the results are sometimes hilarious.

I leave you this week with a picture of the fabulous cake by trained pastry chef Heather:



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