35 Weeks :: 35 Days

I had to point out in the title to this post that at the 35 week point, the average pregnancy only last another 35 days. 🙂

Parenting advice from dad:
“No. 1 rule for new moms: Any song sung softly enough is a lullabye.”

Yes, I know this post is a few days late. My weekend was dedicated to last-minute bridesmaid meetings, dog-sitting trial runs, social meetings, and co-throwing a really fantastic bridal shower for my BFF. My feet aren’t hurting too badly this morning, despite the really ambitious red crocodile pattern high heels I wore for most of the day, or the fact that I was standing or sitting upright from 8 AM til 7 PM. My lower back was a little sore last night, but that’s par for the course. I fell asleep at 10 PM and didn’t really wake up til the morning. But I’m looking forward with relish to the extended weekend coming up.

We grew in week 35. Significantly. People have stopped telling me I’m too small and have started telling me that I look fabulous, very healthy, and am carrying it well. So that’s a comfort! My own weight didn’t change significantly from 33 weeks to 35, so the friend who remarked yesterday “It’s all baby!” is on to something.

The extended weather forecast is very rainy with passing storms, with a bit of a break in early June expected and then back to rain and storms afterward. Given that we’ve already had a weather-related run-in, and that she’s already head down and shouldering the exit (she had a fabulous time socializing at the bridal shower and testing gravity!), I’m wary of the forecast the way it looks now. She’s “lightened” — gotten her bony feet and knees out of my lungs — but not yet “dropped.”

As I’m fond of saying: 4 weeks — or less.


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