UnSocial Media

A lot has happened in the news/the internets in the last week. Mother Emmanuel. SCOTUS. #LoveWins. My Facebook feed went berserk and riotously rainbow-colored, and only one person expressed a hateful opinion. And I’m related to that person, if a bit distantly, so I can’t say I picked them. But I myself haven’t said a peep. We didn’t discuss political issues in my house when I was growing up because it’s bad form to disagree with the Commander in Chief, AKA the boss. And this aversion has carried over in to my adult life. You will never see a political sign in my yard; my vote is between me and my ballot. Maybe it also has to do with the introvert in me; you will almost never catch me openly telling someone that something they’ve said has caused me any offense, because I don’t want to get in a sniping match over social media. One of my friends commented today that she felt her amazing education was useless if all she did was stay home and raise a family; she feels really, really strongly about this. I resisted the urge to comment with links to articles about the positive effect a mother’s education can have on a child’s long-term health and educational outcomes; I resisted the urge to message her privately saying that her words, her beliefs, were hurtful to me. My ongoing friendship with her is more important to me than telling her these things.

I did not speak up for myself; and I am okay with that at this moment. If I think I am living my best path, then another’s words and thoughts are of no harm to me; I can acknowledge their beliefs and then say, “I do not choose to embrace this.” I can also say, “I choose to live in opposition to this and oppose it with actions and being, not petty words.” If I have learned one thing, it is that I have learned that talk is one thing, and actions another; I can’t just say what a good life is, I must live it. I strive to live my goodness and hope others will strive to do the same.

(My, that’s sentimental, innit?)


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