About Us


I started this blog as a wedding blog. After the wedding I didn’t blog too much.

Then we bought a house, and I had a suspicion it was time to start blogging again.

Now it’s the early Spring of  2013 and we’ve been married for 4.5+ years and owned our home for 3 years.

Miss Amy has been ruling the roost for 2 1/2 years now.

Summer 2013: There’s a Frog Princess on the way!

Jim is a computer nerd who works in IT at a local hospital. He’s originally from Pennsylvania and ended up in Quincy sort of by accident. His preferred habitat is the top side of a warm wave…too bad he lives in New England.

Rachel is a word nerd, billing manager for a large textbook compositor, and financial guru for digital literary magazine Anomalous Press. She’s originally from…well, that’s a long story.

Jim & Rachel were married in Quincy in October 2008. They live in an 85-year-old converted beach cottage in Hough’s Neck.

Amy (CH. Heronsway Circus Circus)  joined the family at the end of July 2010 and took over the blog shortly thereafter. She may be short but she commands the proper attention due a show dog and relative of the Royal Corgis of Windsor. She likes food, and cardboard, and more food, and her dad, and snow.


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