DAR Patriot Ancestors

I figured out the most efficient order to knock them out in! Divided the list up by branch of descent, so I can conceivably work on one from each batch, then when one is approved go to the next name in the batch. Where there are both a son-in-law and a father-in-law, I think it might be most prudent to get the son-in-law approved before doing the father-in-law.


(established child)
(new unproved child)

* only 1 member on patriot

    1. Elijah Hobart – son Elijah (est)
    2. Joshua Severance – son Benjamin (est)*
    3. Peter Hobart Sr – son Elijah, Patriot (est)
    4. Gideon Studley – daughter Abigail (new)
    5. William Hayden – daughter Prudence (new)*
    6. Jacob Reed – son Jacob (est)
    7. Amos Turner – son Amos (new)
    8. John Tisdale – son Job (new)
    1. John Tirrell – son John (new)
    2. Ebenezer Tirrell – daughter Lydia (est)
    3. Er Cushing – daughter Mary (new)
    4. Elisha Remington – daughter Leah (new)
    5. Stephen Stowell – daughter Margaret (new)*
    6. Dummer Sewall – son Samuel (est)
    7. Isaiah Cushman Jr – daughter Dorcas (est)
    8. Isaiah Cushman Sr – son Isaiah, Patriot (est)
    9. William Ripley – daughter Lydia (new)
    10. Levi Cook – son Peleg (est)
    11. Joshua Poole Sr – daughter Sarah (est)
    12. Isaiah Keen – daughter Edna (new)
    13. James Bourne – daughter Lydia (new)
    1. Daniel Dunbar – son Daniel (new)
    2. Solomon Loring – daughter Persis (est)*
    3. Joseph Brooks Sr – daughter Sarah (new)
    4. John Thomas Jr – son John (new)
    5. Nathaniel Bayley – daughter Lydia (est)
    6. John Ward Bates – daughter Lois (new)*
    7. Joseph Porter – daughter Betsy (est)
    8. Abner Curtis – son Seth (est)
    9. Abner Curtis – daughter Huldah (new)
    1. Benjamin Durrell – son Nathaniel (est)
    2. Samuel Gould – daughter Dorcas (est)
    3. John Getchell – daughter Dorcas (new)
    4. Ephraim Cowing – son James (new)*
    5. Kenelm Winslow – daughter Lucretia (new)*
    6. Bartholomew Stevens – son Caleb (est)
    7. Timothy Reynolds – daughter Rebecca (new)*
    8. Benjamin Dyer – son Jonathan (est)

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