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To Live & Be & Read Anomalous

So, someone is going to have to explain the meaning of this to me, but it’s exciting nonetheless: Anomalous Press is tied at #100 on the 2013 Pushcart Prize Ranking in Fiction.

Many of you have never heard of Anomalous Press before today, and that’s my own failing. Since March of 2011 I have been privileged to be an editor at Anomalous Press, a small, online, non-profit literary journal. We, the editors and members, are interested in publishing not what is “cool” or “hip” or “popular,” but pieces and authors that we find interesting, or valuable, or exciting. Alongside traditional poetry, fiction, and translation (and the odd piece of nonfiction, when it comes along!), we’ve had audio pieces, audio-visual pieces, interactive Mad Libs-type pieces (holy crow that was fun), visual pieces, and, with each issue, a podcast edition so you can experience the journal aurally. It’s a lot of work but it’s also wicked exciting to see happen.

Many of the authors we are pleased to publish are also published elsewhere, and it’s touching to see that other people want to participate in what I have always thought of as a grand, wonderful, surprising experiment. We’ve already put out 6 issues and are currently at work on the 7th, and we have so much amazing material piled up and waiting to be presented to you that it feels like we’re all set through Issue #12 (I know this probably isn’t the actual reality, but it feels like it, that’s how much amazing stuff we’ve seen). It’s dizzying. It’s thrilling. And I need to be better at sharing it with you.

I know I should never play favorites, but here is a short list of links to the piece in each issue that I really, really think you should read.

Issue #1: Everything, Perfectly, Forever
Issue #2: Things That Are Already Dead
Issue #3: Three Translations from the Dionysiaca
Issue #4: Riddles
Issue #5: Warm Earth (fabulous audio)
Issue #6: The Tower Project


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